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Helping you afford the things you've been dreaming of...Could you use an extra £1,500 in your pocket? When you add up the cost of tax, MOT, fuel, insurance, servicing, repairs, depreciation and parking, you could be looking at more than a hundred pounds a week…

If like Wheelshare member, Tricia, you drive less than 6,000 miles per year then joining the car club could save you up to £3,500 a year.  Replacing a second family car with car club membership is likely to bring even more cash savings.

“When I sat down and calculated how much it was costing to run & maintain our little run-around car, I was shocked it worked out to well over £100 a month!  Now we only have the one family car and use Wheelshare cars whenever we need a back-up.  Also, having access to the Ford Galaxy seven seater is really useful when friends or family come to visit.”

Find out for yourself – The national charity, CarPlus, have a very simple Car Cost Calculator at the bottom left-hand corner of their webpage.  For a more detailed analysis, try the ThisIsMoney website’s calculator. Or visit The AA’s website to compare some standard running costs.

Costs for WheelShare cars:  

£25 one-off joining fee (covers the DVLA check)
Hourly rate: £4.50 Ford Fusion / £5.10 Ford Galaxy 7-seater
Mileage fee: 21p per mile (including fuel)
That’s it

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